The City of Brass

The great City of Brass is located in the territory known as The Tear. This magically blighted region was the epicenter of some long ago epic magical battle. This place has existed for thousand years of human history. The region is most known for having random planar rifts that open and close throughout. In this land of turmoil and rifts, there exist a few constants. One of these is the City of Brass.

While the Brass City exists as a city state within The Tear, they do not follow or participate in any ‘national’ government. As long as the one road leading to the city stays open, they have no cares for the outside realms.

Currently, there is a human council style government that changes yearly. No one may serve more than one term, unless they are elected the Viscount. The Viscount can then run for reelection to the council, and then after the council members are chosen, they elect a new viscount. The current viscount has been the viscount for 11 years. His name is Ren Slythis, and no one, save the council members themselves, have ever laid eyes on him.

The laws of the city all stem from one main tenant: Do nothing to interrupt business in the city. A few examples of this are: Murder/personal injury prevents people from consuming goods and services. Theft prevents them from selling/trading what was stolen. Setting up a toll on the way to the city deprives the person of gold to spend in the city. However because the city thrives on trade, most crimes result in fines or taxes or confiscation of property.

While the Council is the primary power center of the city, there are many others. The high clerics hold sway over their respective flocks. Devils and demons take a special joy in their congregations of tainted worshipers. Powerful elementals control a few districts with added and warped planar properties in these places. The mercantile guilds are all too happy to serve the council and watch their endless profit grow. Thieves guilds prey on the foolish and helpless through complicated cons and brute force theft. Cults of madness happily hold sway over the sewers and under-city, caring not for the above realms.

The city has strong Egyptian styled architecture with Babylonian influences. This results in tall towering stone structures that are gilded in brass or painted with bright colors. 50 story intricate statues of the gods are no uncommon. The council resides in a great step pyramid that rises above mountains and overlooks the entire city.

The City of Brass

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