The Tear


The Tear is an ever changing landscape left over from some long forgotten cataclysm or explosion of magical energy. This event, whatever it was, tore massive rips in the planes. Portals to the elemental planes randomly appear and disappear at random. Mountains rise one day and are gone the next. Plains change into fields of flame and rolling magma. The air above the ground is no more stable.

Those that call this region home are adventurous sorts who rely on their wits and skill to survive. Although amidst this chaos, some things are more ‘common.’ The City of Brass, a massive city-state ruled by a human council can always be found surrounded by a lake of fire and mountains of ice not far from the main landing on island that makes up the region of planar instability. In addition to this, the settlements built on the mainland and very few of other cities remain mostly constant. The cities on the mainland are mostly great human city-states. It is ruled by a council of the lords of the five greatest city-states. Many of the ever changing and moving settlements on the island serve as envoys of the elemental planes.

Major Cities


The City of Brass


Other Locations

The Eternal Vortex

The Tear

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